The Lounge

We want your pooch's stay at Happy Tails to be an enjoyable one, so we have added two lounge rooms behind our grooming rooms for your dog(s) to rest and relax before and/or after their groom!

These two rooms are filled with toys, lounge sofas, nap beds, a selection of doggy cartoons and a small outdoor area for taking care of business!

Since most stays in our Doggy Lounge will only be short ones there will be no additional charge.

However, some of our clients like to leave their pooch for the entire day, while they are at work, and then, on their way home from work, they pick up their groomed dog.  For a full day stay with a groom, each dog will also received a half hour walk. 

A full day lounge stay with a groom costs only $20.00 on top of the cost of the grooming package of your choice.

To make a reservations simply call 519-963-0466
or email

No transportation?
No problem!

Happy Tails offers a morning pick up and afternoon drop off shuttle service!

Shuttle services cost $10.00 for a return trip!
Shuttle is available for Byron, Oakridge & Hyde Park residents.

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