2017 Hyde Park Santa Claus Parade

In 2016, Happy Tails was involved in the Hyde Park Santa Parade and we all had a lot of fun!!!  This year, we decided to spend the morning watching the parade, instead!

Here are some fun photos that we took during the event...

We spent the morning setting up an outside tent
to showcase some of our Christmas merchandise

We had many furry friends drop by to say hello!!

My sister dropped by to spend the morning with her
favourite nephew!!!

Lots of activity as spectators jostled for the best spots!
Devon was very excited as he announced to the world
that the parade was starting!!!
There were lots of people in attendance!

I love seeing area youths participating!

LOL!!! His guitar is a toilet seat!!!!

Lots of High-5's for Devon!!!

Gorgeous horses!

It's Santa Claus!!!!!!!

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