Earthday Celebrated!!

The following is a word advertisement that appeared in both the Byron Villager and Hyde Park Villager community magazine to promote our event...

Over the last several years, there has been a growing recognition about how supporting local business and local manufacturing benefits our economies as well as our environment.  If a manufacturer doesn’t have to ship their product across the continent or over oceans a substantially low carbon footprint is made - and this is a good thing!

Happy Tails is very proud of the fact that all of our products are sourced as locally as possible.  Our Petcurrean lines of healthy and organic dog and cat foods are manufactured in nearby Elora.  We are proud to work with London manufacture Bosco & Roxy, who create the most delicious hand-made dog biscuits around and several other local crafters have items retailing in our store: wood carvers, potters, metal workers and knitters.

As April is the month that celebrates Earthday, it makes perfect sense for us to promote this growing trend in retailing by holding a fun event for the community… and you are invited!! 

Join us on Saturday, April 22nd between 11am – 4pm. 

Local crafters will be showcasing their products and volunteers from No Empty Bowls will be on sight to promote their ambitions.  Autism Ontario will be putting on a BBQ to raise funds for their summer events and, of course, there will be lots of trees to give away to everyone!

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I always like to have fun when promoting an event and this is evident by some of the promotions that I created for our social media outlets....

Happy Tails would like to send out a huge THANK-YOU to everyone who got involved in the event and all the local shops and organizations that helped to spread the word about our event!

So - with no further adieu.... here is a small collection of photos taken during our event!  Enjoy!!!

 After 2 1/2 days of rain and thunderstorms the sky cleared
up very nicely and at 9:00am we knew that it was
going to be a wonderful day!!!

 It was just after 10:00am when our first crafter showed up to get
her display ready.  This is Christine Torres - the owner of Schnortzy's
Pottery.  Her handmade creations are a great asset to our store!

 A few minutes later, volunteers from Autism Ontario arrived
and began getting ready to feed everyone who showed up.
They made a lot of sales and raised quite a few dollars that
will go towards their many family summer programs.

 Workers from Parkway Gardens didn't take too long getting their
plant sale ready.  This was another very popular booth and I saw
many people carrying plants in their hands as they made their way
around to all the other displays!

 These two crafters put together another colourful display
showcasing many fun bird toys!  They were a last minute addition
to our lineup and we were very glad to have them join in all the fun!

 By 10:45 the last of our guests had arrived and were busy
getting ready for our 11:00 start!

 With a few minutes to rest after getting displays ready, our crafters
took a few minutes to meet everyone else that was a part of our
community Earthday celebration!

 Jaysene's Custom Creations put on a great display that attracted
a lot of attention throughout the afternoon!

 After all that hard work getting ready, the smells coming from the
BBQ tent were calling me!  I had worked up quite an appetite!

 There were many conversations going on at Parkway Gardens' plant
sale about what plants make great additions for butterfly gardens.  Near the
end of the afternoon, I was happy to buy a few Milkweed plants that
I hope will attract many butterflies to my garden, this summer!

 When I went inside our store to see what was happening in there, I started
laughing when I saw Sarge getting fitted for a rainjacket!!
What a friendly pooch!!!  He's got a fast tongue!

 These were the two cats that were apart of the Cats'R'Us adoption
event.  There were a lot of children at our event and these kitties
loved all the attention they got!

A beautiful day!
Lots of colourful plants to see!
Lots of creative crafts to see!
Lots of furry animals to say hello to!
Lots of yummy bbq'd food to enjoy!


Happy Earthday everyone!
Let's do this again... next year!!

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