Our First Day!

Today, Happy Tails opened for business!  Everyone was very excited!

It was around 10:00am when our first customer came through the doors and after I gave her a greeting she asked how long we had been open?  I laughed and leaned over the computer to look at the clock and said, "Ohhh - about 1 hour and 23 minutes!"

We both shared a laugh!!!!

A short while later, our first furry customer came in to spend the day in our lounge!

This is Stepka... but we were told to call him Steppy!!!!

Steppy's mom - Kate was very glad to know that we are now open.  She told me that she had been watching all the activity over the last two months and she's glad that she and Steppy can now come in to buy food and toys and while Steppy enjoys our grooming services!

Steppy and I enjoyed a nice afternoon walk as I got myself acquainted with some of the nearby walking trails.  Thanks for coming in!!!!

A friend emailed me and sent me a link to an article she saw in today's London Free Press online newspaper!  We were all very surprised and pleasantly pleased with this!  I'm sure that a large number of people saw this promotion!!

This is how it appeared, online!

A few days ago, Joanne sent a simple notice to several local newspapers, asking how we can get their interest to share the story of Happy Tails.  The story that appears here, is that exact letter - unedited!! LOL!!!!  So it seemed kind of funny that readers were reading our questions as well as a little bit of information that we included in the notice.

Both Joanne and I were very very pleased with these results and all the other sales that happened on our first day and we'd like to extend a thank you to all those who supported us today and all those who will support Happy Tails in the future!!!

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