2016 Christmas Pet Photo Contest Winners!

When we began this 'funtest' a week and a half had passed
with no entries.  I thought that our first contest may be a bust,
and then...
The next day, I received 3 photos!
The next day, I received 2 more!
Over the next few days many more photos were sent in
and just last night 5 more photos were emailed to me!!!

So - I was wrong!
Our first annual Christmas Pet Photo contest
was a huge success!!!!

Thanks to everyone who entered!!!!

All 10 winners are going to receive
a $10 Happy Tails gift certificate!
Winners will have until the end of December to drop by the store
1073 Gainsborough Road - just west of Hyde Park
to pick up their certificates.

I suggest that winners drop by before Christmas
so that they can use their prize to purchase
gifts for their pets!
 Like these...

or these...

So - with no further adieu...
In no particular order...
Here are the top 10 winners
for the Happy Tails
2016 Christmas Pet Photo Funtest...



Anastasia & Drizzela



Charlie & Walter

Thanks, again, for all the photos that were entered!
I had such a hard time choosing the winners that I had to
ask my 5 year old son...

Devon to choose the photos that he liked the best!

And I could not disagree with his selections!!!!
Thanks, Devon!

Wishing all pets everywhere
a funtastic Christmas season!!!

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