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To help people cope with the ‘Winter Blues’ we thought that it would be fun to have photo contest!  For the month of February, 2018, we asked our clients and friends to send in their ‘Cat In A Box’ photos.  The response was overwhelming!!!!  We had people sending in photos from British Columbia, Timmins, Barrie, and all throughout London!!!  Thanks to everyone who entered!!!!

Quickly, we realized that we had to do something to recognize all the out-of-London photos, so we decided to award two additional small prizes that can easily be mailed – on top of the three Grand Prizes that we put together for our London winners!
On top of that, we also made one special prize for the person who was the first to respond to our contest!

This is Wesley’s ‘Cat In A Box’ photo!  Thanks for being the first to enter!!!!

We awarded Wesley’s two cats with a bag of GO! Duck Recipe cat food for getting involved so quickly!!

London & Area Photos

Here are all the photos that were sent in throughout London, Ontario…

This is Emerald!  Pamela told me that her cat can’t sit still in a box… but it will pose nicely for a photo if she’s in a sink…

...or a hand crafted basket!!!

This is Tog and I thought it was hilarious to learn that his name is an acronym for The Orange Guy!!  Joanne was happy to see Tog’s photo, as she used to work at the Sear’s Animal Hospital where Tog was a client!  Thanks for sending in Tog’s photo Maryla!

This is Patience!  She’s making sure her basket is comfy….

…for her nap!!!

When Patience isn’t relaxing in her in her basket, she can be found cuddling under towels and blankets!  Looks relaxing!! Thanks for sending in these photos, Sarah!
Ashley sent in two photos for our contest!  This is Samson!

This is Soot!  Both cats look like they are enjoying their Boxing day experience!!

This is Luna having fun in her box!  Thanks for the photo, Mary Ann!

This is Bear!  Very ferocious!!!

I cracked up when Emily told me that since she brought this box home, her cats Pingu & Yogurt, have been ignoring their cat beds and have sleeping here!!

Tina sent in this funny photo of her cat, Midnight!  I think the family will be playing Monopoly for a while… or until Midnight finds another box to nap in!!

Oh my!  Clyde is ready for a vacation!  He’s got himself all packed up!

And speaking of vacations… this is Mr. White.  When his owners were preparing a package to be mailed to family in Ottawa – filled with Christmas presents – it took Mr. White about 3 seconds to find himself a nice comfy spot in the box!

And this other photo of Mr. White just proves that box size doesn’t matter… a determined cat can fit into anything!

Look out, Lyndsie…. Eddie is watching you!!!

Even one of the publishers of London’s Villager magazines got involved in this ‘out of the box – in a box’ photo!  Thanks, Cathy!

This is Sam’s little kitty, Viola, having a super comfy nap in a box filled with blankets.  I’m getting sleepy, all of a sudden!

Hello Ditzy!  Thanks for entering our contest!!

Your mom, Amanda, was right… you do love your boxes…and baskets!

WOW!  This looks like a fun toy!  I think Sammy agrees!!

It’s no fair that mom and dad get to eat all the chicken pot pies and all Bogie gets is an empty box!!!  But I think he’s making the best of this situation!!

This is Minion!  Super hide and seek player!  Rarely found!!

Tabitha thinks that Styrofoam peanuts make great catouflage!!!

After a long day of napping and sunning, Milo likes to spend some time reclining in his hammock-in-a-box!!!!

After being rescued on a Friday in August, the new parents thought that it would be appropriate to name their Royale Kitty, Sir Friday Augustine!!!

London Winners!!!!

Prize #3
We are happy to announce that Ditzy will receive a Da Bee cat toy, 30g bag of Benny Bully’s liver cat treats and a cat nip pillow! Congratulations!!!!

Prize #2
We are pleased to announce that Clyde will be receiving a 2lb bag of Fromm Game Bird Recipe cat food, a 7lb bag of the World’s Best Cat Litter and a 26g bag of Purebites Turkey cat treats!  Great photo!!

Prize #1
And the Grand Prize goes to Milo for his photo of himself in his personalized hammock-in-a-box photo!  This really made everyone smile!  Milo will be receiving a 4lb bag of GO! Duck cat food, a 7lb bag of the World’s Best Cat Litter, one bag of Promo-Nip catnip and one Kong Wubba cat toy!!!  Super congrats, Milo!!!

We’re not finished just yet….

Here are the out-of-London photos….

This is Sweatie Pie… all the way from Barrie, Ontario!  My friend from elementary and high school, Teresa, dressed her daughter up as Lego, for Halloween a few years ago.  Teresa was then inspired to create another Lego costume for Sweatie Pie!  Hilarious!!

Neal is a friend living in Arden, Manitoba.  His cat, Tokyo, loves climbing in beer boxes!

This cute photo was sent in from Barrie, Ontario.  This is Kazoo!  Thanks for sending in this great photo, Liane!!

All the way from Matheson, Ontario!!!  Meet Sir Milo!

This is Sockeye… from the foothills of Abbotsford, BC!  A great name for a cat from this area where the Sockeye Salmon run free!  Thanks for the photo, Halina!

WOW!  Another photo sent in all the way from the other side of Canada!  Meet Willow who lives in Mission, BC!

Meet Goldi & Tawni!  This fun photo came in from Angus, Ontario… about 15 minutes from my hometown!

And from the Shelburne area we have Ziggy & Scrappie!  Thanks for sending in this photo, Andie!!

Out Of Town Winners

To thank everyone who entered our contest from across Canada, we decided to select two of our favourite photos and award a catnip prize for each cat.  These will be able to travel through the mail system with no difficulty!!

Since Sweatie Pie shows so much imagination and creativity we had to select her as a winner!

And this photo of Kazoo is just great!  Congratulations to both kittys!!!

Thanks, again, to everyone who entered and to all Happy Tails’ followers who have been enjoying all of these photos!!!

We will have to do something like this soon again…..

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