Stress Free Visits

There's a saying in the grooming world... A dog who is groomed once to twice a year see's grooming as punishment.  A dog who is groomed every 6 to 8 weeks understands it's part of life.

Happy Tails DogWe see a lot of dogs here at Happy Tails and become familiar with their behaviours and how they deal with the grooming experience.  As puppies, we highly recommend they start grooming early and come in for monthly grooming visits.  This type of schedule always helps dogs learn that grooming is just a normal part of their lives, instead of something terrifying.    If you're not sure how often your adult dog should be coming in, visit our Grooming Frequency Page.

We also highly recommend not letting your dog's coat to become matted.  The process of removing those mats can sometimes be uncomfortable and will eventually lead them to think of us as "the bad guy".  Grooming a dog with a coat that is well maintained is much easier, faster and a generally Happy Tails Dogmore pleasant groom.

Part of training a dog is getting them accustomed to many different types of people, other pets, new experiences and new places.  We always recommend taking your dog for car rides to "fun" places too.  Sometimes it's easy to get into a routine of only having your dog in the car when they're going to the veterinarian or to the groomer.  This can cause a lot of anxiety about coming to see us.  They tend to always relate the car to "going to a stressful place".  When they come in the door, they're already shaking and shivering because they know that the car ride will take them somewhere they don't necessarily like.  So make sure you take them to fun places too, and then they'll assume that we're also one of those fun places!

Happy Tails DogWe always try to do our part too, of providing a stress free visit.   Our groomers work one on one with your dog so get 100% attention when they're here.  After their groom, we have comfy couches and beds for cuddling, as well as supervised play with toys and other dogs.  We try to make our salon as much like home as we can so they feel welcome and comfortable.

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