Skunks and Bugs

We get phone calls almost every day with clients saying "help, my dog got sprayed by a skunk, what should I do"!

Unfortunately, dogs always get sprayed by skunks at the worst time of day!  Usually just before you're ready to doze off to sleep, or early morning when you're having your coffee!  It's always the last thing you want to deal with!  Sometimes the smell is so strong its unrecognizable!  Always have the following 3 ingredients somewhere in your house just in case:  Dawn Dish Soap, 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda.  Follow these simple instructions to help get rid of the smell on your dog:

Dog Skunk Shampoo Recipe
No matter what anybody tells you, nothing gets rid of skunk odour 100%.  It takes time to wear off, sometimes even  after a few months you'll notice an odour whenever your dogs gets wet or damp.

One other thing to keep in mind if you're dog gets sprayed by a skunk, is that there's a possibility a veterinary visit may be in order.  Sometime the spray can be so strong and directed right in the eyes that it can cause eye ulcers.   Call your veterinarian if your dog's eyes are red, itchy or painful.

Fleas and Ticks!!!

At Happy Tails, we do not offer flea baths.  The reason for this is because most flea shampoos are not safe to use as they have not been properly tested.  Yes, they do kill the adult fleas, but not the eggs or the larvae, and these shampoos can be very toxic to dogs.

The safest flea treatment is flea prevention.  Because of our warmer winters, we recommend that flea prevention be used year round.  Fleas, their eggs and larvae are everywhere outside, and can also be living in your carpets during the winter months.  Do not trust any over the counter products from pet stores, as these products can be unsafe as well.  We recommend calling your veterinarian for a safe and effective flea prevention product.

Ticks are becoming an increasing problem for pets too.  We are now seeing their populations rise even in the city.  We are now continuingly finding more and more ticks on dogs when they're coming in for their grooms.  We will remove them for you and collect them in a plastic bag if you'd like to have them tested.  Ticks can carry many dangerous diseases including Lyme Disease.  Please talk to your veterinarian about a safe and effective tick prevention product.

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